Question / Answer


What do you teach in Faculty of Arts’ Dramatic Arts program?

How many students are there in the department? What is the program’s teaching method?

What is the department’s style of drama?

What can you do after graduation?

What must I do if I want to study in the department? Is there an audition or must I submit a portfolio?

If I’m interested in theatre design but have no basic knowledge of the subject, would I be able to catch up?

I like theatre very much but I’m not sure if it could be my profession. Should I study dramatic arts?

What are the required subjects for major students?

Are there other selective subjects available?


Who are the lecturers? Are they tenure lecturers or special lecturers?

Students’ works

What is “Curtain Up”

About the department

Do you produce Musical?

What is Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre of Dramatic for Dramatic Arts like?


Are there scholarships available?

Where can I get more information?