Collaborative Project

The Collaborative Projects between Students from Department of Dramatic Arts and students from international theatre educational institutions.

Theatre education focuses on building students’ diverse skills such as acting, directing, etc. The key to theatre is teamwork. One must be able to work with people from different team who are striving towards the dame goal. Today’s technology helps connect people from all over the world. Knowledge is easily exchanged. Nevertheless, the skill to understand differences in cultural context is vital for the students.

Department of Dramatic Arts realizes the importance of modern day’s educational institution as a platform to broaden student’s horizons create opportunities for the students to learn through creative collaboration with foreign students under close supervision from lecturers from both universities. Students will travel to the partner university’s country with lodging, travel expense and other expenses provided by the host university.

Department of Dramatic Arts had collaborated with numerous institutions: Pace University (USA) , LASALLE College of Arts (Singapore), Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA) and Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA).

Presentation of Students Creative Work in APB Theatre School Festival and Director’s Conference

Every year, the department encourages students to present their performances in APB Theatre School Festival and Director’s Conference whose host country changes yearly to broaden the students’ horizons and offer them the opportunity to learn from working with colleagues from different cultures. Additionally, the project also offers the students the experience to present their creative and academic works on both national and international platforms.